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The fundamental difference between the distinguished and average SEO companies is, while the top SEO services rapidly acclimatize with state of the art SEO techniques, average one’s remain stick to age-old strategies which only reap average results. To sustain in the extremely competitive digital world, it is essential for any organization to constantly evolve their methodologies and workflow process to produce the earth-shattering results for the clients business.

The newbie’s trends like ‘semantic search’ and ‘Voice search’ are massively impacting the rankings of the website in the search engines. It is pivotal to inculcate these trends in the SEO strategy to produce the whopping results in 2018.

1. Voice Search
Most of the business world juggernauts have already implemented voice search trend for better assistance and user experience. Organizations like Apple, Amazon, & Microsoft have their own virtual assistant namely Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Majority of the individuals access the internet via mobile phones and they need super-quick answers for their queries. In that scenario, optimizing your content for the voice search can be a game changer for the business.

You can adopt some of the strategies like creating your own Google business listing, choose long tail keywords for different languages queries, and various social media tools to optimize your brand visibility among the local and global customers and address their issues.

2. Semantic Search
Semantic search is a bit earlier concept, but it has evolved exponentially in the last 2-3 years. The concept of semantic search revolves around understanding the exact intent of the user and respond to the natural language queries in a better way. For an example, if a user has the history of searching the term sports car and if they enter the query jaguar, chances are greater that they want the search results of the car, not the animal.

Inducing the semantic search technique in the SEO strategy will scale up your website rank manifold times and satisfy the needs of user search intent.

3. Mobile First-Indexing
We all know the significance of responsive website. According to a survey, most of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Now, having a mobile-friendly website is not enough, you need to do the mobile first-indexing. To be precise, the ranking signals from the mobile version of the website will play an independent role in boosting the page rank. So stop thinking and start focusing on mobile SEO.

4. Featured Snippets
Featured snippets are created with the idea of answering the user’s questions instantly. They are actually search results that are featured on the top of organic search results and are incredibly effective because they occupy the ‘position Zero’ in the SERPs. With the help of featured snippets, users can easily find the coveted answers without clicking on the link. More than 40% of the featured snippet URL rank number one organically.

5. Machine Learning
Machine learning is one of the entities of artificial intelligence which allows the devices to learn things on their own. As Google always strive to provide the best and relevant content to the users, therefore, they have induced the machine learning strategy to provide the content around the intent to the users. Involving machine learning technique in SEO will help the services to develop the useful and trendiest contents that people want to read and talk about. Machine learning provides the relevant content to the users in an instant!

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