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Artificial intelligence has already taken the world by storm. We all are dwelling in a world where technology has overtaken everything. And now artificial intelligence, it has started showing its power in several sectors. Starting from the self-driving cars to voice-driven personal assistants, Netflix endorsements and many such places where artificial intelligence is playing a vital role. Artificial intelligence has tremendous potential to shape our future in a completely new way. In the coming years, we will see a lot of things that will change and will become better because of artificial intelligence.

But the question is how it will impact Digital Marketing?

Well! It has already shown its effect on digital marketing. The digital marketers nowadays are thinking how to utilize artificial intelligence in their client’s expedition and understand their conducts and deeds better.AI will help the digital marketers in getting a clear idea about what type of content will target the customers better.

All we can say that in the coming years the target of artificial intelligence will be digital marketing which is already in energetically developing phase.AI utilization in digital marketing will help in getting improved customer experience, extrapolative analytics and besieged marketing that will ultimately help in offering enhanced ROI to businesses.

Now let’s discuss in detail about the impact of AI on digital marketing.

It was true that previously the digital marketers were not ready to integrate AI in their digital marketing strategies but presently, they are growing confidence in mingling this application with their plans. You must be thinking why? Well! Because of the benefits that are being achieved due to AI in other sectors. Big data, Machine learning and IOT are the well-known accompanying process, through which AI made its strong presence to be felt by everyone. But these are only mere mechanisms that will open up the full potential of AI in the coming years. In this year 2018 only there will be large number of visible alterations and impact that will arise because of AI. Here are few latentareas where AI will lift digital marketing.

1.Great impact on user experience
It is one of the most important area where AI will have the greater effect. When businesses will start aligning the content marketing plans with AI, result will be highly impacting. Depending on all the data like customer explorations, purchase behavior and interests the campaigning can be easily personalized. The most crucial thing is that every particular customer can be targeted. One of the perfect example is chatbots where AI is increasing the user experience.

Through chatbots it interacts with the customers based on the data collected. Soon there will varied dimensional communiqué system with voice and touch facilities, because of AI. Then another great example is augmented reality, where a customer can actually see and experience the product before buying it. This will help the customers in making astronger decision regarding purchase. This assists in enhancing the user experience thereby increasing the revenue.

2. Helps in making decision simpler and easier
Nowadays every time you browse something on the internet a new data is formed and is collected for analysis by AI. This will help in revealing information like user requirements, their behaviors and all type of future deeds. Depending on this collected information further marketing can be enhanced by providing the most beneficial information. It also helps in making targeted campaigning, that will assist the customers in doing less research on products and in taking decisions faster.

3. Utilization of image recognition for getting ROI
We all know that image recognition is utilized for identification of some isolated objects in a given image but because of AI, it is now possible to get the whole description of an image. This, in turn, will help in various sectors in making the processes faster like in banking sector it will lead o faster payment and increase the customer security. Similarly, the social media images can be used by AI for studying customer behaviour.

Thus, we can see that artificial intelligence is the bright future of SEO and it is going to highly impact the digital marketing by bringing the marketers and clients very closer. So, let’s just wait and see how this powerful weapon is being used by digital marketers for enhancing the sale, firming up the pipeline and in getting close to the customers.

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